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Applied NLP Based Communication Skills

Applied NLP Based Communication Skills is a highly applied and interactive course, which is uniquely designed compared to the rest of the common programs in market with the sole reason to develop and enhance participants knowledge and skills at a greater level so that they can communicate powerfully upwards, downwards or sideways within your organization, or with external clients and suppliers. This program also focuses on the interpersonal, intrapersonal and communication skills needed to ethically influence people in order to contribute their support or to do something you need them to do. It will also look at the times when you need to negotiate conditions, timings or price, where it is important to be able to acquire what is required. This is a practical program, which will leave you feeling more confident in your ability to apply influential communication.

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Targeted Groups:

  • All Employees and Front-line-employees

Course Objectives:

This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Obtain Techniques Methodologies on Communication and Influencing Skills

  • Ability to Communicate Effectively with Various Types of Personalities

  • Gain Knowledge on NLP Based Communication Model

  • Obtain Techniques to Practice Mindfulness for Communication & Influencing

  • Ability to Practice Techniques to Manage Thoughts

  • Apply Effective Verbal & Non-Verbal (Body Language) Communication

  • Ability to Build Good Rapport

  • Ability to Begin a Smooth Conversation

  • Gain Methods to Prepare to Influence before the Meeting Itself.

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Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to the Program

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Program Objectives vs Participants Needs


Unit 2: The Psychology Of Perception

  • Power of Perception in Communication

  • Managing Our Perceptions


Unit 3: NLP & Communication

  • NLP Communication Model

  • Communication Transfer Activity & Debrief

  • Effective Communication

  • VAK

  • How to Give Feedback in Communication?

Unit 4: Emotional Excellence

  • What is Emotional Excellence?

  • EE vs EQ

  • How Our Behavior Affects Communication with Others and Yourself

  • The JOHARI Window


Unit 5: Communication with Various Types of Personalities

  • The 5 Factor Personality Analysis Model

  • Types of Personalities Around You

  • How to Communicate with Different types of Personalities for Optimal Relationship & Outcome

  • The Emotional Needs of Each Personality


Unit 6: Mindfulness for Effective Communication & Influencing

  • Mindfulness Techniques & Practices for Communication


Unit 7: Building Rapport

  • Steps to Build Rapport

  • Beginning a Conversation Effectively

  • Maintaining a Smooth Conversation 

  • Body Language


Unit 8: Words in Communication

  • Types of Influential Words

  • Hypnotic words


Unit 9: Communication Tools

  • 6 Power Tools for Effective NLP Based Communication

  • Feedback Techniques

  • Practicums




We are giving away a special Personality Profiling worth RM400 per test which is based on 5 Factor Analysis of Psychology of Personalities. By participating in this online-test, participant will obtain a detailed personality report on them which includes strengths weaknesses of their personality and how to improve it further to build a better inter and intra personal relationship.

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