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Web Application Development (HTML, CSS, & JS)

This course will give you the basic up to the intermediate level background, terminology and fundamental concepts that you need to understand in order to build modern full stack web applications. A full stack web developer is familiar with each "layer" of the software technologies involved in a web application, including data modeling and database technologies, the web server environment and middleware components, network protocols, the user interface and basic visual design and user interaction concepts. In this course we will learn by doing.  We will start by learning the major components of web application architectures, along with the fundamental design patterns and philosophies that are used to organize them.  You will build and continually refine a fully functional full-stack web application as we progress through the modules in this course.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was designed to fit everyone who is interested in learning web application development. We will start teaching from the very basic up to the intermediate level. Thus, no perquisites are required to join this course.

Course Objectives:

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This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Understand and describe the Web Development Context

  • Learn the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

  • Build the web application structure using the HTML Tags

  • Learn and Understand the Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Use CSS to Beautify the structure built by HTML

  • Learn and understand JavaScript framework to integrate the web application components together.

  • Eventually, develop a fully functional Web Application.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction Web Site Developments

  • Introduction to Websites

  • Web Development context

  • Internet, Web Servers and websites

  • Website vs Webpage vs Web Application

  • Setting up the Development Environment


Unit 2: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

  • What HTML?

  • Why HTML?

  • HTML5 Files

  • Comprehensive List of HTML Tags

  • Developing a complete website architecture using HTML


Unit 3: Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)

  • What is CSS?

  • Why CSS?

  • CSS Files

  • Link HTML and CSS files

  • Main CSS Properties

  • Using CSS to beautify the website Built using HTML


Unit 4: JavaScript (JS) – Basics

  • What is JS?

  • Why JS?

  • JS Essential programming commands

  • Linking HTML and JS Files

  • Integrating HTML components with CSS properties using JS

  • HTML Forms


Unit 5: JavaScript (JS) – Intermediate

  • JS Math Library

  • JS Date Library

  • JS Strings

  • Events in JS

  • Handling Errors

  • NodeJS

  • AJAX

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