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Professional Self Development

The world of work is characterized by rapid ongoing change. In this dynamic environment, one of the most critical skills for leaders is their capacity to learn and to adapt; to engage in the continuous development of their skills in managing and leading others. This course will assist us in the ongoing development of our skills and abilities by focusing on the nature of the self-development process. Participants will reflect on and develop self-awareness of their current leadership style to understand the strengths they need to develop and which challenges they will face as leaders. The course also examines the change process, and explores the processes of self-regulation that underpin personal skill development. Marble Arches training team provides a unique experience of training with a complementary consultation session.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was design to fit:

  • All Leaders

  • All Managers

  • All Employees and Front-line-employees

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Course Objectives:

This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Understand and Examine the drivers of change and their relationship to the concept of continuously changing ourselves.

  • Continuously working on developing our skills and performance

  • Assess the role of self-directed learning in the process of leadership development

  • Appraise a model of personal development that emphasises self-understanding and self-change phases

  • Critically evaluate the nature of the self-development process

  • Apply skills of self-reflection to enhance self-awareness of development insights about your leadership styles

  • Apply skills of self-reflection to enhance self-awareness of development insights about your abilities and challenges as leaders

  • Apply the self-development process to an area of a personal leadership skill challenge

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Self-Development and Self- Directed Learning

  • The significance of Self-Development

  • Self-directed leadership development

  • The leader self-development model


Unit 2: Self-Awareness

  • The nature of self-awareness

  • The challenge of self-awareness

  • Becoming self-aware through feedback


Unit 3: Self-Reflection

  • The process of self-reflection

  • Engaging in self-reflection

  • Managing emotions during reflection


Unit 4: Self-Change Challenges

  • The problem of volition

  • Willpower and change efforts

  • Enhancing willpower


Unit 5: Self-Change Process

  • The self-change process

  • Personal change: A social cognitive perspective

  • Development goal selection and commitment


Unit 6: Action Plans for Personal Changes

  • Behavioral strategies

  • Dealing with cognitions and emotions

  • Creating supportive environments

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