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Mindfulness & Resilience for Stress Management

In this digital era where Stress and Mental Health issues are skyrocketing where it is directly affecting productivity and performance of many individuals. This program is specifically designed to equip participants with applied knowledge and skills in order to become resilient in facing day to day stress and maintain a good mental health. This program consists of various Mindfulness techniques, CBT and Self-Hypnosis tools. The program also gives a detail insight into each participant’s personality and how it can affect their mental health condition by using personality assessment. The session will not only equip the participants with resilience and stress management tools but will further enhance their cognitive abilities such memory, recall and attention. In overall participants will be able to manage their emotions well, improve relationships with others and enhance their work performance.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was design to fit:

  • All Employees across various industries.

Course Objectives:

This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Improve Relationship with Others & Your Inner Self

  • Obtain Knowledge about Stress and its’ Impact Towards Health & Performance

  • Reduce Stress Levels & Attain Relaxation

  • Increase Productivity Levels

  • Intensification of Attention & Memory

  • Acquire Techniques to Increase Feel Good Hormones

  • Acquire Knowledge on Personality Types

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Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to The Program

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Program Objectives vs Participants Needs


Unit 2: Impact of Stress Towards Mental And Physical Health & Productivity

  • What is Stress?

  • Types of Stress

  • Symptoms of Stress

  • Perception & Stress

  • Damages of Stress in Human Body & Mind and our Daily Productivity & Performance


Unit 3: Coping Strategies & Power of Sub-Conscious Mind

  • Common Unhealthy ways of Coping with Stress

  • 5 Minutes Mind Effect & the Power of Sub-Conscious Mind

  • Positive Techniques to Cope with Stress


Unit 4: Mindfulness Techniques & Practices  

  • What is Mindfulness

  • Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness Technique & Practice 1

  • Mindfulness Technique & Practice 2

  • Mindfulness Technique & Practice 3

  • Mindfulness Technique & Practice 4

  • Mindfulness Technique & Practice 5

  • Mindfulness Technique & Practice 6


Unit 5: Thoughts, Emotions & Behavior

  • What are Thoughts, Emotions & Behavior

  • How Thoughts Affect our Action, Productivity and Personality?

  • Thought Control

  • Managing Negative Thoughts

  • The JOHARI Window

  • Sympathy, Empathy & Compassion

  • Congruence & Peace

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs


Unit 6: Body, Mind & Spirit

  • EQ vs IQ

  • How Our Behavior Affects Relationship with Others and Yourself

  • Aligning Body, Mind & Spirit for Higher Performance and Productivity

  • Sleep & Productivity


Unit 7: CBT for Positive Mindset & To Increase Feel Good Hormones

  • TENT Therapy

  • Positive Affirmations


  • Self-Hypnosis for Relaxation


Unit 8: Personality Analysis

  • Diagnosis of My Personality & My Stress Levels

  • The 5 Factor Personality Analysis Model

  • Managing My Personality

  • Effective Communication with Other Personalities




We are giving away a special Personality Profiling worth RM400 per test which is based on 5 Factor Analysis of Psychology of Personalities. By participating in this online-test, participant will obtain a detailed personality report on them which includes strengths weaknesses of their personality and how to improve it further to build a better inter and intra personal relationship.

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