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Building Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors with Arduino

Internet of Things (IoT) is the nowadays hot technology that many researchers and technology developers working on. The IoT future is very much promising to be dominant in the next few years. IoT has basically two sides, publishers and subscribers. The publishers cannot do their job without having sensors to collect data from the surrounding environment. Thus, this course is designed to teach the process of building IoT sensors from scratch using Arduino platform. Beside the fun projects and examples given during this course, the participant will be introduced into learning how to build a subscriber dashboard on mobile phone. At the beginning of the course, the participant will be given the project kit (Mobile phone is not included) to work on during the course.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was design to suite:

  • Participants who are interested in IoT Technology

  • Final Year Project Students

Course Objectives:

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This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Understand the IoT technology and its benefits

  • Learn the IoT sides and their job

  • Understand what Arduino is and how it can serve the IoT

  • Developing simple to intermediate sensing projects using Arduino

  • Learn how to publish data to the IoT cloud and how to receive it on the other end of the IoT application

  • Developing Monitoring dashboard on mobile phones.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to The Program

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Program Objectives vs Participants Needs


Unit 2: Arduino Essentials-1 - Introduction

  • Arduino’s Hardware

  • Arduino’s Sensors and electrical elements

  • Programming Arduino


Unit 3: Arduino Essentials-2 – Projects

  • Few fun projects on Arduino


Unit 4: Internet of Things (IoT) Essentials

  • What is IoT?

  • How can Arduino serves the IoT Technology

  • Publishing Data through Arduino into the IoT MQTT Servers


Unit 5: Capstone Project

  • Creating a Mobile phone monitoring dashboard


IoT Sensing Project Kits for each participant (COMPLIMENTARY)

An IoT Sensing Project Kit worth RM250 (Market Price), to encourage spreading the IoT knowledge among students.

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