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Marble Arches Team Building Program

Nowadays companies might consist of a huge number of employees clustered into departments and teams. Those teams are working together to achieve the company’s goals. The teams’ members are working together to achieve the tasks given to their teams. Working in a team environment is not as easy as it sounds. Working with a team as a team member requires engagement, time management, proper communication skills, internal motivation, and trust. All these must be monitored by a team leader empowered with the proper leadership skills. Marble Arches Team Building Program was designed to develop the required skills to act as a team member and a team leader. Our program consists of a set of courses, workshops and fun goal-based activities that will help every member to understand his/her role in a team and what is expected from them. It will equip them with the required skills to serve as professional team members and leaders with high performance.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was design to fit:

  • All Employees across various industries and organizations.

Course Objectives:

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This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Establish a strong understanding of team environment.

  • Develop high trust and relation-bond between team members

  • Establish a motivating team environment

  • Upgrade the communication skills of the team members

  • Upgrade the time management skills of the team members

  • Elevate the internal motive within team members towards serving the teams’ goals.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Team Working Environment

  • What is an organizational working environment?

  • What is a team in an organizational working environment?

  • What is a team member?

  • What is expected from team member?

  • Team Structure

  • Team work Vs Individual work


Unit 2: Trust and Bonds Between Team Members

  • Identifying effective communication methods

  • Face to face communication

  • Team problem solving

  • The Trust Problem

  • The Over-Trust Problem

  • Phases of team problem solving

  • Tools for making effective team decisions


Unit 3: Stress & Time Management

  • What is Time? (from the organization perspective)

  • The Problem of Time Wasters

  • Self-Imposed Time Wasters

  • System-Imposed Time Wasters

  • Time Management Tools and Techniques

  • Wasting Time leads to Stress!

  • Stress Definition

  • Stress Management Techniques.


Unit 4: Customized Content Upon Request

  • The company may suggest to add a specific topic for us to conduct or their management might conduct.


Course Mode:

This course can be conducted either indoor only or a mix of indoor and outdoor (as requested by the client company):

  • Indoor Only Mode: All the theoretical lectures and activities will be conducted in the decided hall.      Each activity carries an educational value.

  • Mix Mode: Mainly all the theoretical lectures will be given indoor and some of the activities will be replaced with outdoor ones carrying the same educational values.

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