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IT Strategy & Architecture Principles and Practices

The growing technology and its rapid changing in applications urge the top leaders and the board members to adopt technology in their business models and frameworks. Two terms are widely used for such an immigration, Digital twining and Digitalization. In this course, both terms will be illustrated in details and how they can be done to achieve what is called ‘IT Governance’. This course will help leaders to plan fusing technology with their business via the identification of the main principles and most common practices. Particularly, to identify gaps between IT function in strategy, structure, people, process and technology and your future anticipated organizational direction. Furthermore, this course will illustrate the blueprinting process to craft an IT migration plan. Marble Arches training team provides a unique experience of training with a complementary consultation session.

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Targeted Groups:

  • Information Technology Managers

  • Technology / Chief Technology Officer CTO and Chief Information Officer CIO

  • Enterprise Architect Team Members

  • Business Analysts and Project Management Professionals

  • Portfolio Executives for involvement with infrastructure and application development

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Course Objectives:

This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Understand Enterprise Architecture

  • Understand how to navigate the world of digital governance

  • Understand essential IT governance approaches and how they are designed and implemented

  • What IT governance is and how it relates to corporate governance, IT management and organizational coordination

  • Align Commercial Drivers within the Enterprise with IT Enterprise Objectives

  • Consider the best model and framework for current requirements

  • Consider appropriate governance and legal considerations

  • Learn about building the foundation for IT Governance.

  • Appreciate the current state and future direction of Enterprise Architecture

  • Appreciate best management practice to avoid commercial difficulties

  • Use the digitalization within the IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture

  • Create digital twins of IT within the enterprise

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to IT Investment and Architecture

  • IT Investment Process and IT Architecture

  • Significance of IT Investment / IT Governance

  • What can be digitalized?

  • IT Governance Leadership

  • The six Key Questions about IT Governance and Digitalization

  • Architecture Domains and Challenges

  • Concepts behind Architecture Frameworks

  • Focus on the users


Unit 2: Enterprise Architecture and Digitalization:

  • Terms and Domains Defined

  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and Selection Principles

  • Enterprise Architecture Key Management Considerations

  • Enterprise Architecture Principles and Practices

  • Types of the Enterprise Architecture.

  • Architecture Frameworks and Enterprise Architecture

  • Types of Architecture Frameworks


Unit 3: Information Architecture and Digital Twins:

  • Modeling the Digital Twin of IT architecture

  • Digital Twins in industry

  • Data Management Tools

  • Information Management Tools

  • Approaches to Architecture Business, System and Technical

  • Completing the Design and Avoiding Common Pitfalls


Unit 4: Digitalization Deployment and the Future in IT Strategy:

  • Aligning IT Requirements to Business Challenges

  • Creating a digital twin for IoT

  • Regulatory Compliance and Legal Considerations

  • Customer journeys and interactions simulation

  • Digital twin impact on the enterprise architecture

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