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EQ Based Leadership

World Economic Forum listed People Management as one the top 10 skills highly required for 2020 and beyond. Effective People Management is one of the crucial factors that make great leaders to achieve organizational objectives with optimum natural commitment from their employees. This new EQ Based Leadership Skills session is a double-edged sword which improves both intra and inter personal skills in a leader. Implementation of these skills into your daily life as a Leader elevates the leadership qualities and creates a positive relationship between you as a superior and your employees which will reflect in their performance & productivity as well your inner self.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was design to fit:

  • Leaders across all industries.

Course Objectives:

This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Obtain Techniques Methodologies on Communication and Influencing Skills

  • Improve Communication with Subordinates & Your Inner Self

  • Understand well on Roles & Responsibilities, Qualities of a Leader

  • Obtain Techniques to Practice Mindfulness

  • Gain Knowledge on NLP Communication Model

  • Ability to Manage Various Types of Personalities in your Team

  • Ability to Apply & Manage Change in Organization

  • Apply Emotional Excellence & EQ as an Effective People Management Strategy

  • Gain 6 EQ Communication Tools

  • Apply Methods to Drive Individuals and Team Performance through Feedback & Communication.

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Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to The Program

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Program Objectives vs Participants Needs


Unit 2: Fundamentals in Leadership

  • Who is a Leader?

  • Boss vs Leader

  • Leadership Qualities

  • Types of Leadership


Unit 3: Personality Psychology & Perception Management for Leadership

  • How Perception rules us?

  • Blind Spots

  • The 5 Factor Personality Analysis Model

  • Types of Personalities


Unit 4: NLP & EQ for Communication

  • NLP Communication Model

  • Communication Transfer Activity & Debrief

  • Fundamentals in Communication

  • 6 EQ Based Communication Tools

  • Empathy & Care

  • Power of Respect


Unit 5: EQ for Effective Employee Management

  • What is EQ?

  • Next Level of EQ

  • How to Manage the different types of Employees for Optimal Relationship & Performance?

  • The Emotional Needs of Each Personality

  • How Our Behavior Affects Relationship with Others and Yourself

  • The JOHARI Window

  • SCARF Model



Unit 6: Power of Teamwork & Productivity

  • Benefits of Team Dynamics

  • Productivity & Teamwork


Unit 7: Change Management & Leadership

  • Why Change?

  • Change Activity

  • Change Process & Psychological Effect on Employees

  • Implementing Change

  • Addressing Resistance

  • Monitor Change


Unit 8: Impact of Stress Towards EQ & Productivity

  • Types of Stress

  • Symptoms of Stress

  • Perception & Stress

  • Damages of Stress in Human Body & Mind and our Daily Productivity & Performance


Unit 9: Mindfulness for Effective Leadership      

  • Mindfulness Techniques & Practices for New Wave Leadership

  • Sleep & Leadership

  • Aligning Body, Mind & Spirit


Unit 10: Thoughts, Emotions & Behavior for Leadership Efficiency 

  • Mindset Model Operation in Leadership

  • What are Thoughts, Emotions & Behavior

  • How Thoughts Affect our Action, Productivity, Personality & Our Subordinates?

  • Thought Control

  • Managing Negative Thoughts & Internal Dialogue

  • Congruence & Peace


Unit 11: Self-Hypnosis & Cognitive Therapy for Leaders

  • TENT Therapy

  • Positive Affirmations



Unit 12: Words in Communication

  • Types of Influential Words

  • Hypnotic words

  • Effective Phrases


Unit 13: Feedback Using 6 Tools

  • Feedback Session

  • GROW Model

  • Feedback Practicum




We are giving away a special Personality Profiling worth RM400 per test which is based on 5 Factors Analysis of Psychology of Personalities. By participating in this online-test, participant will obtain a detailed personality report on them which includes strengths weaknesses of their personality and how to improve it further to build a better inter and intra personal relationship.

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