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Self-Confidence and Motivation

The Self-Confidence and Motivation short course is designed to help individuals develop and maintain self-confidence and motivation in both personal and professional life. The course covers various topics, including understanding the psychology behind these concepts, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, effective goal-setting strategies, and building resilience. It is suitable for individuals from all backgrounds and professions, and participants will engage in practical exercises and activities. The course provides a supportive and engaging learning experience, and upon completion, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of themselves and be equipped with the tools to achieve their goals.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was designed to fit everyone including: 

  • Students who want to improve their academic performance and personal growth

  • Working professionals who want to enhance their career success and job satisfaction

  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their business skills and mindset

  • Individuals who want to boost their self-esteem and overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • People who are facing challenges in their personal or professional life and want to build resilience and cope with stress more effectively.

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Course Objectives:

This course was designed to let the participants able:

  • Develop self-confidence and faith in one’s abilities.

  • Learn to set reasonable expectations and goals.

  • Communicate with confidence and dealing with criticism in a constructive manner.

  • Understand and recognize the signs and stages of burnout at work.

  • Understand motivation and learning how to remain motivated at work.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Self Confidence

  • Self-confidence: What Is It?

  • Why We Need to Have Self-confidence

  • Types of Self-confidence

  • Discussion: Which one should come first: self-esteem or self-confidence?


Unit 2: Self-Confidence Mindset

  • Be More Confident

  • A Confident Mindset

  • Know Your Talent

  • Dare to be The Real You

  • Game: The Blind Drawing


Unit 3: Criticism

  • The True Meaning of Criticism

  • Self-criticism

  • Constructive Criticism

  • Destructive Criticism


Unit 4: Do and Don’ts

  • Constructing a Criticism

  • The Dos

  • The Don’ts

  • Receiving Criticism: The Best Way


Unit 5: Burnout

  • Burnout: How It Happens?

  • What The Research Says About Burnout

  • Types of Burnout

  • Early Signs of Burnout


Unit 6: Motivation

  • 10 Ways to Motivates Employees (for Managers)

  • What Motivates You

  • External & Internal Motivators

  • It’s a Wrap: The Balloon Questions

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