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Impactful Presentation Skills

Presentation skill is an extremely important competency for all corporate professionals. A good presenter is a person who is able to deliver the message to group of people effectively. Moreover, an able presenter is perceived as knowledgeable and has the highest potential to have a successful career. This program is designed for employees to sharpen and increase their presentation skills capabilities to a next level. The content of this course differs to certain extent compared to the common presentation-based programs in the market as this program is specifically designed with highly applied substance.

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Targeted Groups:

This course was design to fit:

  • Suitable for all working professionals across all industries who are currently involved in presentation activities or will be required to do presentation in near future.

Course Objectives:

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This course was designed to let the participants able to:

  • Ability to Prepare Presentation Pre-Work

  • Ability to Design and Develop Effective Presentation Materials

  • Able to Apply Adult Learning Techniques

  • Capability to Present the Information Effectively and in an Interesting Manner

  • Capability to Engage Participants at All Time

  • Obtain Techniques to Maintain Audience Attention and Interest.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Impactful Presentation Skills Program

  • Learning Outcomes

  • Why we need Presentations?

  • Types of Presentations


Unit 2: The Able Presenter

  • Qualities & Characteristics of An Able Presenter

  • Short Group Presentation Practice


Unit 3: Psychology of Presentation

  • How Adults Perceive and Learn?

  • Types of Learners

  • Types of Body Language in your Session

  • Managing Negative Body Language

  • Managing Various Types of Audience

  • Injecting Fun into Your Presentation


Unit 4: Pre-Work & Needs Analysis for Presentation

  • Demography and Participants Analysis

  • Presentation Objectives

  • Method of Presentation

  • Setting of Presentation

  • Data Collection


Unit 5: Designing Your Presentation

  • Presentation Plan 

  • Activity Detailing Practice

  • Mock Presentation


Unit 6: Developing Your Presentation

  • Using PowerPoint as a Development Tool

  • Implementation of Data Collection

  • Other Tools in Development

  • Do’s & Don’ts in Development

  • Development Practice


Unit 7: Implementing Your Presentation

  • Presentation Delivery Methods & Techniques

  • Pitch, Tone & Intonation

  • Presentation Aids & Resources

  • Managing Fear of Presentation

  • Relaxation Technique

  • Your Body Language

  • Real Cases/Issues During Implementation

  • Conflict Management

  • 1-minute Presentation Practice


Unit 8: Positioning Yourself In-front Of Laptop

  • Lighting, Sound, Visual & Timing

  • Laptop Management

  • Testing & Rehearsal


Unit 9: Participants Presentation Assessment

  • 5-minutes Presentation by Each Participant

  • Improvement Plan on “What went well?” & “What to Improve?”

  • 1-to-1 Improvement Discussion Session with Trainer

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